Wednesday, April 30, 2014

No Rain Delay For Us...It's Beach Day!

It may have been raining and pouring outside, but inside Buckle My Shoe it was filled with rays of sunshine! The children arrived at school ready for the beach in their bathing suits, sunglasses, and with pails and shovels for the sandbox. After some fishing, we had a picnic snack. At Morning Meeting, we sang Baby Beluga, Baby Shark, 5 Little Fishies and read Good Thing You Are Not An Octopus

Then it was time for the beach festivities to begin. First, by dancing to The Goldfish by The Laurie Berkner Band and going under the limbo stick while listening to Harry Belafonte. Then we played with the parachute and beach ball and had a dance party to The Beach Boys. 

After French, it was off to the pool in the Sunflowers room for some swimming, water play, bubbles, and delicious fruit smoothies, and even more dancing. Once we were all dried off, the teachers told a story and we sang more beach songs. What a SUPER FUN day!

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