Friday, May 30, 2014

"Hey Evan I special request for you. Can we sing Hey Jude?"

We began our morning making birthday presents for Jacob and Brandon. Then we had Yoga with Lakshmi. Next, we had Music with Evan and we performed High Hopes for him. Evan brought his ukele and each child had a turn to play it. Before Evan left Harry said, "Hey Evan I special request for you. Can we sing Hey Jude?" And so Harry and Evan sang while everyone clapped along.

For story, we read The Cat In the Hat by Dr. Suess. We concluded our morning playing instruments along to to Octopus' Garden and Hey Jude by The Beatles. Great singing today everyone!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

"What's Going On In Here?"

The Sweet Peas joined the Sunflowers and the Daisies class this morning. When the children arrived at school, they looked at Monet's paintings of flowers and then painted their own interpretation with watercolor. At Morning Meeting and we sang good morning in Spanish. We talked about graduation and did our first practice! We sang High Hopes sang for the Sunflowers and then the Daisies, and then they performed for us. Everyone did a great job and sang loudly.

Elizabeth came and the children had dance for the last time. The Sunflowers and the Sweet Peas had dance together. Next, Bunky came and worked on a collage that will be made into a mandala for the art show. Each child placed pieces of wood and natural materials on the pie slice. On another table Ms. Erica  worked with some children on painting flowers with acrylic on a large canvas. 

While playing in the doctor's office Hudson told Jenny she needed a fork to take out all the ice cream she ate. Brandon soon came up laughing and said, "What's going on in here?" Scarlett held Grandpa Barys hand as she pushed the stroller around the classroom.

Before lunch, Ava and Jake taught us how they have meeting and how they do Show and Tell. During lunch the Sweet Peas and the Sunflowers read Don't Push The Button.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#7 Train, Au Revoir, Portraits, and Presents

Brandon began Morning Meeting with Show and Tell. He shared his #7 Train with us and gave each of his friends a turn to look at it as we passed it around our circle. Next, Brandon called on his friends as they raised a quiet hand for "Questions and Comments." 

Sadly, today was our last day of French with Deborah until September. The children sang with their big voices as they performed High Hopes for her. For Project Work, Jacob, Brandon, Scarlett, Harry, and Lili made their final self-portraits. (Please see below)  Then each child took turns working on Scarlett's and Lili's surprise birthday presents. 

"I look perfect!" 

"Look good!"

"It's a skeleton."

"I need big feet because I am a bigger boy."


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Come On and Play With Me!

Brandon and Max headed straight to the sandbox when they arrived at school today. While Brandon has played in the sandbox all year, today was Brandon's first time this INSIDE the sandbox. Together he and Max played for quite some time. Hudson could not wait to eat his veggie burger for snack. When he finished, Hudson and Scarlett worked on their collages. This time adding jewels. Then we colored wooden beads by mixing them together with purple, blue, pink, and silver watercolor and a touch of glitter.

At Morning Meeting, we sang Hello How Are You and High Hopes. After all of our hard work in the classroom, it wad time to go out to Horatio Park and play. There we ran, chased, jumped, climbed, and had so much fun!

Brandon's INSIDE the sandbox!

Hudson and Scarlett are rolling down the hill.

Friday, May 23, 2014

"Come on everybody! Sing With Me!"

At Morning Meeting, we shared ideas about what to make Scarlett for her birthday. Then we transitioned to the tables where we worked on her beautiful birthday surprise. During Free Play, Jacob made a clay sculpture while Nico and Jamie drew self-portraits on canvas and then painted them. 

When Lakshmi arrived for Yoga, we sang High Hopes and she was amazed by how well the children sang and knew the words. We took turns singing before it was time to say "good-bye" and Harry sang us Hey Jude.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

"I'm Mr. Messy!"

When Brandon arrived at school today, he was so excited to show us his brand new yellow race car shirt of Lightning McQueen. Hudson, Max, and Brandon did very hard work as they focused on working on their on their wooden piece collage. We then had Morning Meeting in the Sunflowers' classroom with the other classes. We then sang Hello How Are You and today's theme was instruments so each child took turns saying their name and the name of an instrument as went around the circle.

After Dance with Elizabeth, we moved the tables to drive cars in shaving cream mixed with paint on the floor. "Wow! Cool!" said Hudson as he began to move the cars and his hands in the shaving cream. "It's so nice!" said Brandon. "Awesome!" said Max. The more we drove the cars and moved around the messier it became. And it happened...for the first time this year... it happened! Brandon got messy! Not just a little messy but very. very messy. "This is crazy!" Brandon realized as he looked at his clothes covered in paint and shaving cream. "I'm Mr. Messy!" he then said with so much pride! Hooray Brandon!!!

For Free Play, Max talked on the phone and played with Hudson and Brandon with and magnet tiles and pegs. Before lunch, we sang High Hopes and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Then we read The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Suess. What a very messy and fun day!