Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hugs and Butterflies

When Lili and Scarlett arrived at school and they headed toward the train tracks which were surrounded by vehicles. “I want to play with the people and be a doctor,” said Scarlett.  Scarlett and Lili went to the dramatic area to find stethoscopes and came back to the block area. Lili took the person with crutches and placed him on the “table”.
 “We check people in the morning. We check people when they are sick. He has a cast. He hurt his ankle. I see the problem. He fell down. He got hurt because he was running,” said Lili.

During snack, we read Stars! Stars! Stars!. At morning Meeting, Lili said, "I want to give Grandpa a cuddle!" This started a chain reaction of hugs for Grandpa, Debbie, and Jenny! Then we began to work on our Spring Friendship Tree. We went to Jackson Square Park to hang up our butterflies with the Daisy's and the Sunflowers classes! What a LOVELY day!

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