Wednesday, April 2, 2014

" And We Will Do This Friday"

We began our morning enjoying Jacob's book Mr. Messy. Then we revisited our moon conversation from Monday. After reading the discussion, the children decided to bake the moon a birthday cake for its 5th birthday. Scarlett read the teachers mind by saying "And we will do this Friday."

Then we walked around the room, looked, and praised the children's work from International Week. We also decided with them where the Hudson and Scarlett's moon paintings are going to go. At Morning Meeting, we shared with the class that we are going to be making presents for Jackson Square Park. Then we went for a  walk to Jackson Square Park to meet Nancy the gardener who taught us about planting and showed us the new flower buds growing on the leaves and the trees. We got back to school just in time before the rain!

We had French with Deborah. Then we revisited Hudson and Scarlett's painting video. During lunch we read Happy Birthday, Moon by Frank Asch.

Waiting for Nancy at the park!

Searching for flower buds!

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