Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Moon!

Our morning began with Brandon sharing Chinese noodles with egg with the class as a continuation of International Week. Then we looked at the colors and shapes on China's flag. Brandon pointed out there is one big yellow star and four "tiny" yellow stars. Then we read The Dancing Dragon.

After Brandon's share, we revisited last week's conversation about celebrating the moon's birthday. Lili, Scarlett, and Harry stated that they are the moon's mommies and daddy. Debbie made a gluten-free chocolate cake for the moon to celebrate it's 5th birthday. But we realized that we did not have any birthday candles. So we decided to go to the store to buy candles and a birthday card to give to the moon.

After our trip to the store, we iced the cake and added blue sprinkles.Then  we made more butterflies to give to the park. When Evan came for Music, we sang Happy Birthday to the moon and played on Evan's drum kit. Before lunch and the moon's party, we noticed that the moon could not "his" cake without a mouth so Debbie painted on a mouth so that the moon could eat "his" birthday cake. After eating our lunch, we lit the candles, presented the cake to the moon, sang Happy Birthday, counted up to 5 

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