Friday, April 4, 2014

Continuation of International Week

Our morning began Monica with reading the class Where the Wild Things Are in Hebrew and English! At Morning Meeting, we sang Around and Around Is the Name of the Game by passing the ball around the circle and looking at our friend's names as we went around. We noticed looking at the letters 'O", "D", and "C" that these letters also look like the shapes of the moon we are learning about: full, half, and crescent.

After Yoga, Marianne did a presentation with Jamie about England. We learned that the British flag is also known as Union Jack and we saw photographs of major landmarks in London on the posters Marianne made for us. Then she and Jamie showed us toys that come from England and read us Mr. Funny from the Mister Men series. Next, it was time for snacks: sausage bread, pot pie, cookies, chocolate, and a delicious strawberry truffle cake! 

Thank you Monica/Nico and Marianne/Jamie for all of your hard work and participation!

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