Friday, April 25, 2014

"What Are You Going to Be When You Grow Up?"

Jamie was so excited to be back to be back in school after a long break. At Morning Meeting, he shared with us what he did when he was in not in school: "I went on the Buzzy Bees. It wasn't fast. It was slow. It goes up and down and jumpy and bumpy. It was jumpy, jumpy!" he said as he motioned with his hands the way ride moved at Hershey Park.

After Yoga with Lakshmi, we read Oscar and The Frog: A Book About Growing, planted beans in damp cotton balls, and hung them on the window. We are eager to see what happens. Then we went for a walk. While we were out, we stopped and touched the bark of a tree. 

AT Pick-Up time, Harry shared with his mother that we talked about  "growing" today and that he "is getting bigger and bigger". "What are going to be when you grow up, Harry?" asked his mother. "I'm going to be a disaster!" responded Harry with a big smile!

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