Wednesday, April 30, 2014

No Rain Delay For Us...It's Beach Day!

It may have been raining and pouring outside, but inside Buckle My Shoe it was filled with rays of sunshine! The children arrived at school ready for the beach in their bathing suits, sunglasses, and with pails and shovels for the sandbox. After some fishing, we had a picnic snack. At Morning Meeting, we sang Baby Beluga, Baby Shark, 5 Little Fishies and read Good Thing You Are Not An Octopus

Then it was time for the beach festivities to begin. First, by dancing to The Goldfish by The Laurie Berkner Band and going under the limbo stick while listening to Harry Belafonte. Then we played with the parachute and beach ball and had a dance party to The Beach Boys. 

After French, it was off to the pool in the Sunflowers room for some swimming, water play, bubbles, and delicious fruit smoothies, and even more dancing. Once we were all dried off, the teachers told a story and we sang more beach songs. What a SUPER FUN day!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Camping Day!

Camp fires, tents, flashlights, worms and bears were scattered around BMS this morning as the children entered. Right away the children gravitated towards the table with the live earthworms.Though some children were hesitant to touch the worms at first, by the end of the morning, nearly all the children gave the worms at least one gentle pat.

On the rug in the Daisy's room,Max went fishing near the tent while Hudson and Brandon played guitars by the fire in the Sunflower's room on their sleeping bags. 

During morning meeting we sat around the fire and sang many camp songs including, I've Been working on the railroadJohnny works with one hammerDo your ears hand low and John Jacob, Jingleheimer Schmidt. After we sang songs, the children roasted marshmallows by the fire as Ms. Rebecca told a story about Little Red Riding Hood and a The Big Bad Wolf.

After the marshmallows and the scary story, we went on a bear hunt in the Sweet Peas room. After a long day of hiking, looking for bears, canoeing, playing with worms and roasting marshmallows, we decided to change camp sites and get into our sleeping bags and listen to the story, A Camping Spree With Mr. McGee.

After our story, we made s'mores. Then Max made fires with twigs and red tissue paper while Ms. Rebecca, planted some flowers with Hudson, Brandon, and Scarlett. 

During lunch the Daisies read We're Going On a Bear Hunt and talked about what to wear tomorrow for beach day. The Sunflowers and Sweet Peas had a combined Show and Tell and lunch and Rebecca told the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Getting Our Sillies Out On Silly Day!

The children arrived at school ready to get their sillies out on Silly Day! We began our morning singing Down By the Bay and giggling at all the silly rhymes in the song. Margot from the Sunflowers' class spent the morning with us in her old classroom with us. We sang silly songs with Evan, mixed shaving cream together with paint on bubble wrap and painted with puzzle shaped watercolor ice cubes.

When we opened up the classrooms, the children took turns putting on a puppet show for each other with the finger puppets. Debbie painted Lili, Nico, and Scarlett's like silly cows. Then we sang silly songs: Sambalae, High Hopes, and Willaby Wallaby and read Boogie Monster and Today I Feel Silly.