Monday, March 31, 2014

"It Is A "He"

First of all, welcome back Brandon, Jamie, and Harry! We are so happy to hear that you had such wonderful vacations and had so much fun at the beach! At Morning Meeting, we had a wonderful discussion about the moon:

Jenny: What do you see at night?
The Sweet Peas Class: "The moon!"
Scarlett: " Well, I did not see the moon because it is here in school. It's blue. Yesterday I saw stars and they were so beautiful and it was dark like when I close my eyes. The moon gets hurt when you bite it."
Jenny:  Is the moon a person?
Scarlett: "No it is a "he". "
Jenny: What is a "he"?
Scarlett: The moon!
Jenny: Does the moon have a mommy or daddy?
"No," said the Sweet Peas class laughing. "it doesn't." 
Jenny: Well how did it get here? Does it have a birthday?
Scarlett: "Let's make a cake for the moon and sing Happy Birthday. We can put candles in it!"
Jenny: How old is the moon?
Lili: "3 years old."
Scarlett: "Nah, I think 5 years old."
Nico: " 4 years old."

After this conversation, we read Happy Birthday, Moon. Then we blasted off to outer space to Rocket Ship Run by Laurie Berkner. Then we in investigated shaving cream. As they felt the cream, we asked the children if they think this is what the moon feels like...

Friday, March 28, 2014

Having Fun on the BMS Runway!

We had such a fun day celebrating! We began our morning representing our countries by walking down the runway at the BMS International Week Fashion Show. Then we had Yoga with Lakshmi. After Yoga, we had an International snack: Mamgu Bara Birth Jacob a bread from Wales, crepes with apricot jam from Lili, and Nico brought in hummus, goldfish. Nico showed us the Hebrew version of Where the Wilds Are

After snack, we dressed up like Italian fashionistas and had a dance party! Next, Gina decorated our faces with face piant. For lunch, Nico made delicious pasta for everyone. Then Lili showed us her Russian doll. We are excited to continue International Week when Harry, Jamie, Brandon, and Grandpa Barys return from their vacations!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Go Manchester United!

Hudson arrived at school wearing his Manchester United football uniform to celebrate to represent his English heritage. We had Morning Meeting in the Sunflowers room with the other classes. Then we had dance with Elizabeth. For Project Work, we made rangoli designs using colored sand and sticky paper. Scarlett and Hudson flew to Mexico to visit Brandon. We had lunch and read a book about the moon.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Smiling Irish Eyes, Around the World, and Into Space

Scarlett arrived at school in a beautiful green Irish gown wearing a pretty red rose in her. We began Morning Meeting singing Come On and Sing With Me with instruments. Scarlett shared with us her Irish flag and we found Ireland on our globe. For snack, Scarlett shared delicious cupcakes with the Irish flag on them. 

Then we readied our passports, packed our luggage, and boarded the plane. First, we flew to France. Once we landed we stamped our passports and had French with Deborah. Then we flew to Belgium and tasted some chocolate. We boarded the plane once again. This time we visited Africa, Mexico, Ireland, Italy, China, and Egypt listening to music from each country.

After our journey, we asked Nico to be "the story picker" for today. She picked a book titled Astronaut which led to a wonderful conversation:

Jenny: What is an astronaut?
Lili: "Space. They are supposed to live in space. We are thinking about space."
Jenny: Why?
Scarlett: "They go to a rocket ship all the way up to the sky."
Jenny: Where?
Scarlett: "The moon. They go in the moon."
Jenny: Why?
Scarlett: "Because they got to get there in a ship."

Then we danced all the way to Puerto Rico where a rice and beans lunch were waiting for us from Debbie. We sang We've Got The World, Moon, Stars, and Sun In Our Hands. What an adventurous morning!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Planes, Trains, and Irish Eyes

Our morning began with Max sharing his delicious Irish soda bread for snack. He gave each friend a piece of bread and an Irish stickers. At Morning Meeting, we found Ireland on our globe. We looked at Max's Irish flag and Hudson's and Scarlett's flags, too. Then we readied our passports and took the shuttle bus to the Sunflower's classroom. There we boarded the plane. First, we flew to Italy.  Then to France, Spain, China, and relaxed at the beach in Jamaica.  We listened to music from each country and made sure to get our passports stamped at the "immigration station". When we arrived back at JFK, we played in the Daisy's classroom with the world map and the boats and planes.

We took the shuttle bus back to the Sweet Peas classroom, dug in the sandbox, and worked with green play dough. We had a relaxing lunch after our big morning of travel!

Sombrero and Fiest

Lili started off our International Week celebration arriving at school in her sombrero. At Morning Meeting, we greeted each other in Spanish. Then we looked at our globe. Lili showed the Mexican flag and pointed to Mexico on our globe. Scarlett found Ireland and we looked at the Irish flag. Then we played maracas along to mariachi music as we danced around Lili's sombrero.

For Project Work, Lili and Scarlett worked on our collaborative spring collage by painting with flowers.
Then we had Music with Evan and took turns playng on his drum kit. What a fun morning!

Lili is painting "The Days of the Week" at the easel. "It's a long week," she added.

Lili is checking Scarlett. "Can you see inside my mouth?" Scarlett asked while Lili was checking her.