Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Time to Celebrate Earth Day!

Welcome back everyone after a long Spring Break! The children seemed excited to be back as they entered the classroom happily and hopped right into the school routine with ease. During snack, we read Are You My Mother? and Is Your Mama A Llama? At Morning Meeting, we talked about what we did when we were not in school. 

Brandon: "Went on a train. Went to Puerto Rico."
Teachers: "How did you get to Puerto Rico?"
Brandon: "Airplane."
Nico: "I went to the kindergarten to see all the flowers."
Lili: "I went to Texas and the Hamptons."
Scarlett: "I went to see my grandpa and went in his car. I went to see my cousins. They had a great big dog."
Harry: "I went to Florida yesterday and built a sandcastle. I went to the beach with Pop-Pop."

Next, we talked about how we are celebrating Earth Day this week and how important is to save water, throw away our garbage into a trash can, and turn off the lights to save electricity. Then we read On the Day You Were Born

Before French with Deborah, we had Free Play. The children dug in the sandbox, played in the water table, and painted trees at the easel. We also painted Earth using blue, green, and white tempera paint on paper plates. Then we listened to a teacher tell a story about a polluted pond. When the children forgot to throw away their trash, all the animals got sick or moved away, but when the children volunteered to pick up the trash, all of the animals went back to the clean, safe pond. We sang Get Up and Dance and took turns jumping through the hula hoop as we transitioned to lunch.

Lili made a cave for the animals using foam dough and flower stems.

Brandon and Jacob are making trees at the easel.

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