Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pajama Day!

Everyone got comfy and cozy for pajama day today. The children curled up together to read books on the rug in the Sunflower's room. Jenny also offered to give lavender lotion arm massages.

We sang some lullabies at morning meeting and then read The Napping HouseGoodnight Moon and In the Night Kitchen. As the children listened to the stories, they had breakfast in bed enjoying the pancakes that Ashley brought in. They couldn't get enough!

After Dance with Elizabeth, Hudson and Max helped Rebecca make "counting sheep." After they made a sheep, the children wrote the numbers 1-7 sequentially and posted their sheep above our meeting rug. Max and Hudson also worked together to cook in the kitchen area and read books while Brandon was busy painting with watercolor and playing with the sand in the Daisy's classroom.

The Sunflowers and Sweet Peas combined for show and tell (Ava was very excited to call on Brandon for comments and questions) and then read Goodnight Baby Bear. What a relaxing and fun day!

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