Monday, April 28, 2014

Getting Our Sillies Out On Silly Day!

The children arrived at school ready to get their sillies out on Silly Day! We began our morning singing Down By the Bay and giggling at all the silly rhymes in the song. Margot from the Sunflowers' class spent the morning with us in her old classroom with us. We sang silly songs with Evan, mixed shaving cream together with paint on bubble wrap and painted with puzzle shaped watercolor ice cubes.

When we opened up the classrooms, the children took turns putting on a puppet show for each other with the finger puppets. Debbie painted Lili, Nico, and Scarlett's like silly cows. Then we sang silly songs: Sambalae, High Hopes, and Willaby Wallaby and read Boogie Monster and Today I Feel Silly.

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