Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Yeah I Wonder What Is Inside!"

We began our morning by exploring the pumpkin Brandon brought to school.. Here is what the children said as they passed the pumpkin around:

"It's very heavy! Look!" - Hudson
"Oh! It feels nice!" - Scarlett
"Whoa! Heavy!' - Max
Brandon touched the pumpkin with his fingertip.

Then we asked the children "what do you think is inside the pumpkin"? This question posed some wonderful answers.

"It orange!" - Scarlett
"Yeah I wonder what is inside!" - Max
"Strawberries!" - Hudson
"Yeah strawberries." - Brandon
"Strawberries and apples!" - Scarlett
"Scarlett is a strawberry!" - Max giggled
"Orange strawberries!" - Hudson

Next, we opened the pumpkin to see if what was inside:

"A bunch of strawberries!" - Scarlett
"Look! I got a strawberry and it's orange!" Hudson said as he touched a seed.
"I'm scared of the pumpkin!" Hudson laughed.

Finally, the children drew shapes on the pumpkin. During Free Play, Grandpa cut out the shapes while the children played. Hudson explored the sensory table. He picked up each item and lifted it up to his nose. As he did this I heard  him say, "I smell it! Oh! It smells so good!" Max, Scarlett, and Brandon played in the sandbox together. 

At our reflective meeting, we showed the pumpkin to the children after Grandpa finished carving it. The children were so excited! We read This Is NOT A Pumpkin by Bob Staake. Then we marched to We Are the Dinosaurs by The Laurie Berkner Band.

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