Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Our Special Morning Together....

Eli, Margot, Ava, and Evan had a very special day with the Sweet Peas class. We spent the morning in the Sunflowers classroom while the Daisies and Sunflowers classes were apple picking. We began our Morning Meeting playing instruments together to Octopus' Garden by The Beatles. Next, we passed the telephone to each friend and greeted them by singing Hello, Hello, Hello and How Are You? 

The children explored "goop" which is a mixture of glue, Linit laundry liquid starch, and paint. They manipulated it by pulling, stretching, squeezing, and mushing the material with their hands and poking it with their fingers. Then we explored shaving cream mixed with pink paint! We all had so much fun feeling these materials and getting a little messy! Harry and Margot helped the teachers clean the tables and did such hard work. 

We concluded our morning by singing Around and Around while each child passed the ball to a friend. By popular demand, we marched to We Are the Dinosaurs by The Laurie Berkner band! The children enjoyed having lunch by laughing and talking together.

Thank you Eli, Ava, Margot, and Evan for making today especially fun and for being so caring and helpful to the Sweet Peas class! 

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