Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Beautiful Day for a Nature Walk

We began our day singing On Top of Spaghetti while the children ate their snack. Max shared with us the fall materials he collected over the weekend at Morning Meeting which led to our discussion about fall. "Tree" "soft" are the words Hudson and Scarlett used to describe the leaf as they touched it. We sang Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down and I'm An Acorn Nut. For story, we read The Leaf Man by Louis Elhert and noticed the red, yellow, orange, green, and brown leaves in the story. 

Max, Brandon, and Hudson dug in the sandbox while Scarlett explored flubber in the sensory table. The children continued to explore squeezing paint and glue. Hudson and Brandon were squeezing the glue on their fingers then spread it with their fingers on a separate piece of cardboard. 

We went out for a walk to the park on Greenwich and 13th street and we collected some more leaves and other fall  materials. When we returned back to school we looked through what we collected together. Then we sang 5 Little Pumpkins and 5 Little Ducks. 

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