Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Day Filled with Lots of Talking and Working Together

We began our morning asking the children what they did over the long weekend? Here is what they said:

"Donkey ride" - Scarlett
"Telephone" - Jacob
"Helicopter" - Brandon
"I went a swimming pool." - Jamie
"I went to the pumpkin farm and picked pumpkins" - Harry
"I went a haunted house...a BIG house" - Lili 
"I found leaves in a tree" - Nico

Nico and Lili shared with us the leaves they collected over the weekend which led to our discussion about fall. We sang Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down and I'm An Acorn Nut. For story, we read The Leaf Man by Louis Elhert and noticed the red, purple, yellow, orange, green, and brown colors of the leaves in the story. 

Nico, Harry, and Lili played in the kitchen while Brandon and Jacob dug in the sandbox. Scarlett and Jamie were busy making circles with the flubber in the sensory table. The children continued to explore squeezing paint and glue. We also painted with watercolor.

During lunch we asked the children what they liked about school today. Here is what they said:

"Playing with Nico, Harry, and Nadia" - Lili
"PAINT!" - Scarlett exclaimed.
"Playing with cars and trains!" - Brandon
"Trains" - Jamie.
"I play in the kitchen!" Harry smiled.
"Play doctor. Cook!" Nico shouted with a huge smile.

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