Friday, October 25, 2013

'It's Beautiful! It's My Favorite!"

The morning began with Jacob and Lili sharing their pumpkins and we showed the class their Halloween costumes! The children were so excited to the see the final touches the parents made to their costumes at Curriculum Night. When I showed Lili hers, she commented "Aw! It's beautiful! It's my favorite! I love it!" We talked about Halloween some more, dressing up, and are looking forward to this event.

During Snack, Sandra read Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberely. Next, we had Yoga with Lakshmi! We stretched and made different animal positions with our bodies as we sang songs. The children had a relaxing and fun time. 

Then we played musical instruments on the rug while listening to Octopus' Garden by The Beatles. Brandon shared yesterday's moment with the children by saying, "I saw the leaves from the tress! They were falling down!" (pointing to the window) The children looked up out the window, too.  Nico commented "I see branches." This was a nice transition as we begin the next step to our project work: gluing leaves, sticks, and other natural materials to the branches for our tree. 

Harry picked out The Itsy Bitsy Spider as told and illustrated by Iza Trapini for us to read. We also read Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, and Jacob's book 10 Trick or Treaters by Janet Schulman which the children loved. We concluded our morning singing 5 Little Pumpkins, Witches on a Broomstick, and Goodbye Everybody, Yes Indeed.

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