Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Na na na Nadiaaa!"

Today we had dance with Elizabeth. We sang wake up to our knees and made thunder with our heels. Then we pretended to be an animal so small (a mouse) and one so big (a giraffe). We stretched out our legs and arms as we became butterflies. Then we hopped up and down like bunny rabbits.

Scarlett and Brandon squeezed glue mixed mixed with paint while Hudson and Max played in the sandbox. Hudson explored "goop" which is a mixed material of glue, Liquid linit laundry starch, and paint in the sensory table. "It's sticky," he said as he poked it with his fingers. Then we got a little messy mixing shaving cream with green paint.

Spontaneously, the children were seeking out instruments are were singing "na na na na". Perhaps it was Hudson's playing the drums and the children along singing to him? So we played along to Hey Jude by The Beatles and sang "Na na na Nadiaaa!" to Nadia. 

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