Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Day Filled with Sharing and Caring and "No cookies!"

Our morning was busy right from the start! Some children explored the Daisies and Sunflowers classrooms when they arrived while Scarlett painted at the easel. Jacob played in the kitchen. When we signaled it was time to clean-up with the cymbals, Jacob mimicked us by clanging the lids from the cooking pots along with us while we sang. At Morning Meeting, we sang Hello to each other playing musical instruments.

After snack, we revisited our individual collages using Elmer's glue on cardboard with recycled materials. We noticed that the children were handing each other materials to use on their collage. Nico gave Jacob string and Brandon gave Scarlett a cap.

During free play, we worked together at the table with the pegs. When Nico filled up her mat with pegs, she handed it to me saying, "Look! That's for you! Happy Birthday to you, Jenny!" Then Scarlett said to her, "I am making something for you, too!" While Lili was working she was singing Happy Birthday to Nico! When I asked Harry what he was making, he replied "That's a stand. It's a tower." We definitely had a fun and busy time with these materials.

We marched to We Are the Dinosaurs and swam like goldfish to The Goldfish by The Laurie Berkner Band before lunch. We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and a discussion began. Here is what we talked about:

"The caterpillar has to go the doctor," Nico said.
Why does the caterpillar have to go the doctor? Nadia asked.
 "Because the caterpillar is sick," said Harry.
"What will the doctor tell the caterpillar?" Nadia asked.
"Not to eat too much." said  Brandon
"No cookies!" said Lili.

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