Friday, January 10, 2014

What A Busy Morning!

This morning we had Yoga with Lakshmi. We sang Wake Up Toes and 7 Green and Speckled Frogs as we stretched and woke up our bodies. During Free Play, we painted our Friendship Tree branches white for winter, played with play dough, and in the dramatic play center. Harry, Lili, Scarlett, and Nico worked on their January self-portraits. 

Then the teachers had a special surprise for the children as they a performed puppet show reciting nursery rhymes. The children laughed and giggled as their faces lit up with amazement. Then we had French with Deborah. We sang Les Petites Poisson, counted, and listened to the story Maman! by Mario Ramos. After French, Scarlett and Nico put on a little puppet show for the class. Then we read Going On A Bear Hunt. Brandon finalized the decision to act out the story with our animal puppets on Monday by saying, "That's a good idea!"

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