Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy Day!

Jacob and Harry began their morning working with the gears with Jenny. During snack, we talked about how Nico is turning three years and we are celebrating her birthday on Friday! We had a discussion about what activities Nico likes to do in school with her friends. 

"I want to dance to The Goldfish Song" said Nico. "I want dance to the dinosaurs", Scarlett told her. "Well, how about we dance to The Goldfish and then the dinosaurs," Nico suggested. 

So on Friday, we are having a dance party, working on a pink and purple watercolor painting, playing with play dough, Going on a Dragon Hunt, and reading Nico's favorite book Going On a Bear Hunt. It will be so much fun!

For Project Work, we worked on our Popsicle stick, glue, and paint collage. While Lili, Nico, and Scarlett,were working, we noticed that they were covering their hands with paint. So at a different  table we put out white paper and provided them with the opportunity to finger paint. First, they made hand prints which then transformed to them using their finger tips to make marks!

During Free Play, the children dug in the sandbox, built with blocks, and played with red play dough. Harry, Scarlett, Jacob, and Lili worked on a portrait to give to Nico for her birthday using buttons which they titled "Nico's Necklace."

We had French with Deborah. Before lunch, we counted and matched numbers singing Seven Little Ducks. What a happy day!


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