Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Let's Make Rainbows

We began Morning Meeting singing Come and Sing With Me shaking the dried up gourds and following the movements of the teachers by humming, stretching, and clapping along. Brandon noticed that Scarlett's picture was upside down on the Who's At Buckle My Shoe Today Chart. The other children thought this was so funny that they moved too placed their pictures upside down and sideways. Then we read Silly Sally.

Scarlett and Lili requested that we go on a dragon hunt. We put on our dragon hunting boots, and our dragon hunting caps, made sure we had our flashlights and were off on our adventure. When we returned from our hunt, the children worked with clay. They pounded, rolled, cut, and added pipe cleaners and recycled materials as they manipulated the clay.

After French with Deborah, the children requested to make squeeze paint in glue bottles to make "rainbows". Then we guessed the letters of our friends names as we transitioned to lunch.

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