Tuesday, January 7, 2014


We began our morning decorating masks using dot dot paints. At Morning Meeting, we sang Old MacDonald Had A Band while playing instruments and asked the children what they think they will see at the circus tomorrow. "Magic!" said Brandon with a big smile! We transitioned to snack jumping over the candlestick while reading Jack Be Nimble. 

Then we transformed the classroom into a circus as we crawled through the giant tunnel, squeezed into the clown car, had a puppet show with animals, and hopped on different color spots on the floor. After all this movement Brandon, Max, and Hudson had a quiet reading time in the clown car together. 

For Art, the children made individual collages using pipe cleaners, glue, and feathers. While working, Brandon ran over to the wall saying "It's the sun! It's the sun on the wall!" pointing to the light reflection of the CD. "A rainbow! It's on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday!" as he followed the reflection along the Who's At Buckle My Shoe Today? chart and back. Hudson heard this, ran over, and started to jump up and down to touch the CD's. "I catch it Brandon! I catch the rainbow!"

Brandon noticed a snow globe on the window sill. "Hey! Look! Look at that! What is that?" he said. We took it down and the children studied it with fascination as the glitter in the snow globe reflected on the table. Then we did an experiment and made our one using blue water color and glitter. What a magical day!

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