Thursday, January 30, 2014


We began our morning dancing with Elizabeth. Scarlett painted a crown for Nico using a mixture of blue watercolor, tempera paint, and sparkles.Then we collaged with different shapes, colored paper, and paint. Max, Hudson, and Brandon added buttons to Nico's birthday present.

We had our very first band practice with the Daisies and the Sunflowers classes.  Featuring Max Berger on the shakers! Sam Marks our the triangles! Scarlett Driver on the maracas! Brandon Su and Eli Kaplan an on the cymbals! Jake Matsusaka on guitar! And Hudson Lewis on drums! We took turns playing solos and then rocked out to I Can't Get No Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones and Help by The Beatles. Our first band practice went great and we are looking forward to "jammin'" again soon. 

It was nice to play with play dough together with the other classes. Then we had a quiet reflective meeting and sang Aikendrum. Today rocked!

Jake is showing Hudson his guitar!

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