Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Building: Friendships and Structures

Max and Jenny began the day playing with trucks and trains. When Hudson arrived, he made a drum set using the pots and cups in the kitchen and began to play .When Scarlett arrived she said "Jenny, Hudson is playing too loud." "Okay, Scarlett. Let's ask Hudson if he can play softly." Scarlett walked over to Hudson and said, " You are playing too loud. Can you play quietly?" And so Hudson being such a wonderful and kind friend listened to her words and tapped softly. "Thank you, Hudson" said Scarlett.

After snack, Max walked over to the blocks and said, "Max is going to build a tunnel." Max worked very hard and built a tunnel. When Hudson finished his snack, he walked over. "I want to help Max." They added blocks to the tunnel. Max then pretended the elephant was going through the tunnel. Hudson did the same with the gorilla. 

Scarlett came over and said, “I am going to build New York all by myself.” She built her structure using pillars, cylinders, triangles, and square blocks. Then she placed blue material from the basket on top. “Nobody touch my work. This blue says don’t touch my work. I live in New York. These are buildings and it's light.”

At Morning Meeting we played "the bells" (cymbals) to Come On and Sing With Me. The children had so much fun following the teachers directions as they sang along and moved their bodies. Then we sang London Bridge. Scarlett was in charge of the "Who's At Buckle My Shoe Chart." She held the chart while her friends moved their pictures and pointed to the "Days of the Week" as we sang. 

The children collaged with glue, Popsicle sticks, and paint. Then we dug in the sandbox, made play dough, and pretended to make birthday cakes with it . What a very busy  and amazing morning!

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