Thursday, January 9, 2014

Let's Play With Clay

During Morning Meeting, we looked at pictures from the circus and shared what we saw yesterday. Brandon studied the pictures of the acrobats and said with excitement, "This is like me! That's me! That's gymnastics!" 

During Free Play, we began to paint the Friendship Tree branches white for winter. The children took turns working on their self-portraits with a teacher while drawing with dry erase markers on the floor, Then it was time for Dance with Elizabeth. We stretched our bodies as we made our bodies small and big. Then it was time to passe and dance with a friend!

For Project Work, we explored clay for the first time by sittting on the floor as we felt it with our hands and feet. The teachers listened as the children had this first experience. These are the comments the children said as they investigated:

"Cold"- Brandon
"It tickles and feels soft." - Scarlett
"It feels soft. I put it on my feet. It's sticky." - Max
Hudson was all giggles!

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