Friday, January 17, 2014

Look Up At The Rainbow!

Jacob brought the book Freight Train by David Crews to share with the class and we read it during snack. "I have that book at home," Harry said. We began Morning Meeting playing instruments as we listened to Subway Train by The Imagination Workshop. Then we looked at some pictures of the rainbow we see in the classroom. Next, Jenny showed the children how she painted wooden beads with red watercolor. Then the children watched and counted as she strung eight beads on one at a time. The children chose what color they wanted to paint their beads. Lili and Scarlett chose orange, Harry: yellow, Jamie: silvery white, and Brandon: blue.

The children painted wooden beads with watercolor they chose at Morning Meeting. Brandon figured out quickly that if he submerged his bead in the watercolor, he could cover the bead quickly, and paint more than one rather than use a brush to paint one at a time. The children soon discovered this technique as well. The next step was to sting the beads onto a pipe cleaner.

The children had so much fun with Lakshmi as they stretched and hopped. They sang Down, Down Baby and swam like duckies in the pond.

During Free Play, the children played in the sandbox and with play dough. Harry painted at the easel. Brandon, Lili, and Jamie collaged with glue, paint, and reycebles. We read Skyfire by Frank Asch during story. The children giggled when the bear in the story dumped a bucket of water on the rainbow.

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