Thursday, January 16, 2014

Busy Day Galore

Max ran into the classroom excited to start his day. "Where's Hudson?" he asked. Seconds later, Hudson entered the room. "Hi Hudson!" said Max. Together the boys washed the babies at the sensory table. Then Hudson went to the kitchen to make a drum set. Max followed, "I want to play drums too" he told Hudson and they drummed away. Scarlett came in shortly after and we transitioned to snack.

At Morning Meeting, we read A Rainbow of My Very Own by Don Freeman. Then we looked at some pictures of the rainbow we see in the classroom. Next, Jenny showed the children how she painted wooden beads with red watercolor. Then the children watched and counted as she strung the beads on one at a time. The children chose what color they wanted to paint their beads. Max and Brandon chose green. Scarlett chose gold. Hudson chose purple.

The children had so much fun during dance with Elizabeth. They bent and stretched for the stars, put on their space suits to prepare for outer space, drove the bus as they sang The Wheels On The Bus, and chassed from back and forth. Then the children took turns dancing with a friend. 

The children painted wooden beads with watercolor they chose at Morning Meeting. Max figured out quickly that if he submerged his bead in the watercolor, he could cover the bead quickly, and paint more than one rather than use a brush to paint one at a time. The children soon discovered this technique as well. Soon everyone was using their tiny fingers to dip lots of beads into the watercolor cups. The next step was to sting the beads onto a pipe cleaner.

After all this hard work, the children played together in the sandbox and made red play dough with blue sparkles. We concluded our morning by singing quiet songs on the rug: Beehive, Where Is Thumbkin?,  and Five Peas in a Pea Pod. Then we looked at letters and had to guess who's name begins with that letter. We sang the letter and that children's name to the tune of "C" Is For Cookie.

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