Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Time to Celebrate the Year of the Horse

What a very busy and exciting morning we had! We sang 5 Liitle Monkeys Swinging  On a Tree and Mr. Sun during snack with puppets! We began Morning Meeting shaking hands and saying "Ni Hao" which means "Hello" in Mandarin. Then we showed the children the lion costume we made in class yesterday. The children took turns trying it on, and making our dragon puppet dance as we read Bringing in the New Year. We also asked the children , "What is love?" Here is what they said: 

Lili: "I make hearts at my house and I made love."
Scarlett: "Paint."
Harry: "I love my mommy, daddy, and Vera."
Dashiell: "Mommy."
Brandon: "I love my new shoes."

We had multiple projects going on at once for Project Work! We decorated our Valentine's Day mailbox with watercolor, hearts, and glitter. We made shaker instruments for our Lunar New Year Parade and we made presents for our families for Valentine's Day. Then we had French with Deborah. 

Before lunch we had our annual BMS Lunar New Year Parade. We marched around the school carrying our horses and shakers! The parade finished with a loud "POP" when we popped the "firecracker" that was filled with confetti!

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