Thursday, February 6, 2014

"The Chrysler Building"

This Hudson and Max had their turn to share their portfolios with their mothers. It was so sweet to watch them as they took interest in all the hard work they have done so far this year. Then we had a very special Munchkin donut breakfast/snack.

We sang The ABC'S, Wake Up Knees, Wake Up Toes, Wake Up Hands and Wiggle, Wiggle, and The Wheels on the Bus. Next, we stretched out our arms all the way up to the sky and sat so small and so tall. 

After Dance with Elizabeth, we painted with watercolor. While Brandon was painting he said, "Look! The shadow is right here on on the paper!" He painted a shadow with gray paint and while he did so he noticed his shadow on the paper. What an exciting moment!

Next, we read Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site by Sherri Rinker and Tom Litchenheld. We then revisited Scarlett's block structure of New York City from last week. This led to a discussion about we see in New York City:

Hudson: "The Chrysler Building."
Max: "There is an excavator moving."
Scarlett: "Tractor."
Brandon: "Train!"

After our discussion, we went over to the block area. "Can you help me, Max?" Scarlett asked Max. "Yeah," said Max. Together they began to build together. "How about we put a square here?" said Scarlett. "Yeah and one here" added Max as they collaborated.  Brandon helped by bringing over the cylinder blocks which became the foundation. "We built lots of towers!" they said when they were finished building. Hudson built independently and when he was finished he said "I built a museum" with excitement.

Then we migrated over to Lego's. Scarlett noticed the rainbow in our classroom, pondered for a moment., and shared her thought about what she saw: "When I see the rainbow, I see the whole sun."

Before lunch, we visited the Daisies' classroom. While we were there, Brandon noticed a garbage truck outside the school. He came over to us to let us know and we went over to see. While looking out the window, Brandon also pointed out that he noticed a triangle and people. We are eager to investigate this topic some more!

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