Friday, February 21, 2014

How ARE Cotton Swabs Made?

At Morning Meeting, we greeted each other by singing Good Morning To You, Can I Shake your Hand as we shook hands with each other. Then we had Yoga with Lakshmi. She brought in a special drum. We took turns drumming, listening, and dancing to the number of syllables in each other's name.

For Project Work, we paint with cotton swabs. The children painted with gentle strokes as they filled the page. Jamie was curious about how cotton swabs are made. We went online to investigate and discovered a clip of how cotton swabs are made. Their eyes filled with fascination as they watched the machine wind the paper and press the cotton. This promoted conversation amongst the children on what they were seeing. Brandon pointed at the screen "Look! Look! It's pressing!" he shared with excitement. Jamie liked the way the arm of the machine moved.

At Free Play, Nico and Scarlett built in the block area. Nico built New York City! "I live in New York City. I am building New York City. There are houses and horses" she told us as she was building. "Now it's time to add the people! There are lots of people" and she placed a person on top of her structure.

Based on the children's interest and curiosity, we thought it would be fun for the children to make to make their own cotton swabs. We rolled up paper and the children pointed to where they thought the cotton should go as we glued it on. Before lunch, Harry picked out a book for us to read Curious George Visits the Big City. What a fun day!

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