Monday, February 24, 2014

Friends Who Care

Brandon arrived at school this morning excited to share his haircut with his friends and teachers. "I got a haircut!" he shared with pride. At Morning Meeting, we greeted each other singing "Hello, Can I Shake Your Hand" as we shook hands. Then we spent most of the morning talking about friendship  into the classroom. The children drew special pictures to make a book for Dashiell that they children titled the "I Love You Book for Dashiell". When they were finished drawing we asked them what special words that would like to say to her. Here are the pictures the children made:

Then we had Music Evan! Harry couldn't wait to ask Evan if had a white guitar and was excited that Evan brought it to school! We also took turns playing on Evan's drum. Before lunch, we read Pete the Cat and Curious George Visits the Big City!

Lili and Scalett are building a "building out of Legos.
Lili and Scarlett are palying and checking Debbie.
 Scarlett and Lili painted "a rainbow" collaboratively.

Harry is playing Evan's drum.

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