Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"It's Cold!"

Today was filled Frozen Exploration. We sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and the ABC's at Morning Meeting with puppets. After singing, Who's At Buckle My Shoe Today?, Debbie sang 5 Little Monkeys Swinging From a Tree. The children noticed snow falling outside the window. Next, the children talked about the weather outside. We sang What's The Weather? The children were excited by the snow falling lightly from the sky.

We investigated ice with cars and trucks frozen inside. The children hammered the ice at first. Filled with curiosity, they squeezed droplets of water color over the ice with droppers. We are eager to investigate ice more over the upcoming days.

We read Knuffle Bunny for story. Then we had French with Deborah. After French, we painted with frozen paint. "It's cold" the children said as they as they rubbed their hands with the paint.

Before lunch, we marched to We Are the Dinosaurs and swam to The Goldfish by The Laurie Berkner Band. At Goodbye Circle, we sang Come On and Sing With Me with instruments. What a cool day!

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