Friday, February 28, 2014

Shadows and Rainbows

We began Morning Meeting singing Sticky Sticky Bubble Gum. Next, we had Yoga with Lakshmi. After Yoga, Scarlett noticed our shadows on the rug. This gave us a fantastic idea for a game. Each child sat on the rug to make their own shadow and then everyone had to guess who was making the shadow. 

Then the children built with blocks and investigated the sensory table that was filled with warm water and droppers. Harry, Jamie, and Lili painted ice with tempera paint. Jamie was fascinated that the paint froze after he dipped his entire hand in the paint cup and rubbed it all over the ice.

Before lunch, we had a dance party. The children marched to We Are Dinosaurs and blasted off into outer space as we danced to Rocket Ship Run by The Laurie Berkner Band. Then we read Good Thing You Are Not an Octopus!

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