Thursday, February 20, 2014

Red Light "STOP" Green Light "GO"!

Max and Brandon were playing together at the train table. “Two more minutes left to play until Morning Meeting”, Jenny announced. “Cool!” said Max. At Morning Meeting, we sang Come On and Sing With Me as we shaked dried gourds. Then we read Red Light and Green Light by Margaret Wise Brown. Throughout the day, we talked about how red means "stop" and green means "go".

Then we had Dance with Elizabeth. After dance, we enjoyed the beautiful day by going out for a walk around the neighborhood. We were very excited when we saw not just one but FIVE cement mixers! When we returned back to the classroom we had Reflective Meeting and talked about what we saw. Here is what we said:

Brandon: "I saw a tractor and a police car."
Scarlett: "Five cement mixers!"
Max:"Yeah! Five cement mixers. I heard a fire truck!"
Brandon: "I did not hear a fire truck. I saw an ambulance."
Scarlett: " I saw a building with five circles and five squares."
Max: "Whoa! We saw so many cars!"
Scarlett: "Yeah! And I saw a building and it was so so white!"

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