Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Time To Get The Tree!

Harry, Nico, and Lili began their morning cutting with scissors while Brandon and Jamie practiced spinning dreidels. At Morning Meeting, we read Eight Chanukah Lights and each child took turns lighting our class Menorah. During snack, we Poems to Read to the Very Young. The class giggled as we repeated Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Bear together and thought it was so funny!

Then we sang Dreidel, Dreidel as the children took turns spinning the wooden dreidel and the big blue dreidel. The children painted with dreidels by dipping them into paint and spinning them on white paper. During Free Play, Harry, Jamie, Lili, and Brandon dug in the sandbox while Nico and Scarlett went on a bear hunt. 

After French with Deborah, we went together with the Sunflower and Daisy classes to get our Holiday Tree! We collected branches to transform our Fall tree in the classroom into a Holiday Tree.


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