Friday, December 6, 2013

The More We Get Together

At Morning Meeting, we sang Who's At Buckle My Shoe Today? and There Are Seven Days In A Week. Harry knew that today is Friday and we sang Today Is Friday All Day Long. We counted how many friends were in school (6) and how many friends were at home (3). Then we went over our daily schedule. 

At snack, Sandra read When I'm Feeling Happy by Tracie Moroney and Who Stole The Cookie From The Cookie Jar illustrated by Christine Schneider. When we were finished eating, Jamie, Brandon, and Harry worked with Jenny on their self-portraits and joined Jacob in the sandbox. Nico and Lili dressed up in the dramatic play area and went off to work. "Lili, we have to make sure we give Jenny a kiss before we go," Nico told Lili. After they each gave Jenny a kiss on the cheek, the girls drove off to work in their car.

After Yoga, we had Project Work and the children painted with pine tree branches. When they were finished painting, the children worked at the table and built with the magnet tiles. Before lunch, we sang The Itsy Bitsy Spider and The More We Get Together. What a great day!

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