Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"It's Tuesday!"

Max entered the classroom first ready to play with the dump trucks and snow in the sensory table.  He made truck sounds and said in a deep voice, "The snow is going to dump." Then in came Brandon followed shortly by Hudson. "It's snowing out guys!" Hudson said thrilled by the snowy day. 

During Morning Meeting, we sang Sticky Sticky Bubble Gum. Max and Hudson were jumping for joy when they saw the pictures from our field trip to Guitar Center in our picture frame. Then we watched a video of a woman playing a bassoon that Hudson shared with the class. The children shared with us other ideas of instruments they would like to see and hear. So we watched an eight year old girl playing flute, a woman playing an oboe along with a man playing a piano, Buddy Rich and Gene Grupa having a drumming battle, and Jimi Hendrix's The Star Spangled Banner. At snack, we asked the children what instrument they liked the best.. "Guitar!" they responsded. Hudson said, "I like the electric guitar. I also like to watch the flute."

We decorated wreaths for the tree in our classroom and worked on our holiday presents to give to our families. Then it was time for Free Play, Brandon and Max dug in the sandbox while Hudson played drums for us. Before lunch, each child had a turn to jump over the candlestick as we read the nursery rhyme Jack Be Nimble. During lunch, we asked the children what they liked about today. Brandon laughed and said, "It's Tuesday!"

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