Thursday, December 12, 2013

"She's A Rainbow!"

During Free Play, Hudson and Max played with the snow in the sensory table by shoveling it into the dump trucks and dumping the snow. A song came on and Hudson said, "I want to dance!" So Hudson, Max, and Jenny danced and jumped to Holiday by Weezer. At Morning Meeting, we played instruments to Hey Jude and sang "Na na na Nadia" to Nadia as requested from the children. We put on our red noses and sang Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer, Old MacDonald Had A Band, and Jingle Bells.

We went on a dragon hunt and a subway train ride after snack. As the children were painting their model magic ornaments purple, Jenny noticed the sunlight the coming in through the window. She hung a CD from the branch which created a rainbow in the room. Hudson was the first to notice. He pointed and shouted "There's a rainbow! A rainbow everybody!" Jenny gave the children CD's to reflect the light with and the children danced to She's A Rainbow by The Rolling Stones. Max put puzzles over his eyes and said, "I have colors over my eyes". Then it was time for dance with Elizabeth.

During our reflective meeting, Jenny asked the children what they noticed in the classroom. Here is what they said:
Scarlett: "A rainbow!"
Hudson: "I really like that song. It made me feel happy. I think of Scarlett."



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