Monday, December 16, 2013

Catch A Rainbow!

When Jacob entered the classroom today, Harry greeted him with a big "hello." Together, they shoveled the snow in the sensory table. Brandon was so excited to be back in school that he ran to his teachers to give them a big hug. After Morning Meeting and snack, we read Corduroy's Christmas by Don Freeman and began to decorate our holiday presents to give to our families. 

Jamie noticed the reflection from the CD as the sun began to shine through the window and showed it to Harry. He and Harry followed the light around the room trying to catch it and were amazed to find a rainbow once the CD stopped spinning.  "A rainbow! A rainbow!" Jamie and Lili said with excitement. "I see it! I see the rainbow!" said Harry. Then it was time for Music Evan who was just as excited by the rainbow as we were. 

At lunch, we asked the children, "What did you see today in the classroom?" 
Jamie: "A rainbow!"
Harry: "Yes but the rainbow went away."
Jenny: "How come?"
Harry: "Because the rainbow was hungry."

We revisited the question "What melts?" by reading Friday's Meaningful Moment. The children used a dropper to squeeze water into a Popsicle tray and we put into the freezer. Hm...we wonder what is going to happen next?

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