Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"It Melt!"

At Morning Meeting, we revisited our experiment of  "what melts?" by examining the water we put in the fridge on Monday. The children were excited to see that the water had frozen and was "cold" when they touched it. Brandon said, "It turned into a rock." We kept the ice in the pitcher for the children to observe for the entire morning. During reflective circle, they looked to see if the ice had changed. Through touch and sight, they noticed that it was not only cold but it had also transformed into "water". "What happened?" Jenny asked. The class was silent and pensive for a moment. Then Lili shouted, "It melt! Hooray!"

After school, Lili is flying to Texas. During snack, she and her friends looked a map of the United States to see where New York City is, Texas is, and how far away they are from each other. Lili especially was excited by the map as she studied it for a long time. During Free Play, Harry noticed the light and some shadows reflecting on the wall. "Jenny! Jenny!" he shouted. "The shadow is moving along on the wall!" 

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