Thursday, December 5, 2013

If You Are Happy And You Know It...

After exploring the Sunflowers' and Daisies' classrooms, we had our Morning Meeting. We sang Old McDonald Had A Band with our instruments, Who's At Buckle My Shoe Today? and counted how many friends were in school and at home. Next, we sang There Are Seven Days In A Week and Today Is Thursday All Long. We talked more about Hanukkah and each child took turns lighting the candle for the eighth day.

Brandon's mom, Trish, joined us for part of the morning. She read Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown and David Smells by David Shannon. Next, the children made holiday ornaments using cookie cutters and Model Magic. When they were finished, Scarlett went on a bear hunt while Max, Brandon, and Hudson played together in the sandbox. Then we went for a walk. We saw a fire truck, an excavator, and a very big construction drill. On the way back to school, Brandon noticed a police car. We waved to the police officers and they back waved at us. They also beeped their horn. The children were very excited!

When we returned back to the classroom, we sang Old McDonald Had A Farm and A Sailor Went To Sea. During lunch, we read If You Are Happy And You Know It A Sing-Along Action Book by Jane Cabrera. We sang quietly as we ate. After lunch, the children took turns singing in the microphone. Brandon sang Hello to Harry, Hudson sang Gangnam Style, and Max sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. We had such a delightful morning!

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