Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#7 Train, Au Revoir, Portraits, and Presents

Brandon began Morning Meeting with Show and Tell. He shared his #7 Train with us and gave each of his friends a turn to look at it as we passed it around our circle. Next, Brandon called on his friends as they raised a quiet hand for "Questions and Comments." 

Sadly, today was our last day of French with Deborah until September. The children sang with their big voices as they performed High Hopes for her. For Project Work, Jacob, Brandon, Scarlett, Harry, and Lili made their final self-portraits. (Please see below)  Then each child took turns working on Scarlett's and Lili's surprise birthday presents. 

"I look perfect!" 

"Look good!"

"It's a skeleton."

"I need big feet because I am a bigger boy."


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