Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Come On and Play With Me!

Brandon and Max headed straight to the sandbox when they arrived at school today. While Brandon has played in the sandbox all year, today was Brandon's first time this INSIDE the sandbox. Together he and Max played for quite some time. Hudson could not wait to eat his veggie burger for snack. When he finished, Hudson and Scarlett worked on their collages. This time adding jewels. Then we colored wooden beads by mixing them together with purple, blue, pink, and silver watercolor and a touch of glitter.

At Morning Meeting, we sang Hello How Are You and High Hopes. After all of our hard work in the classroom, it wad time to go out to Horatio Park and play. There we ran, chased, jumped, climbed, and had so much fun!

Brandon's INSIDE the sandbox!

Hudson and Scarlett are rolling down the hill.

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