Tuesday, May 13, 2014

To Patterns, Papayas, and Beyond

Scarlett, Max, and Hudson practiced making patterns when they arrived at school. Each child beamed with pride as they finished this fun challenge. After snack, we had Morning Morning and sang 5 Green and Speckled Frogs. Then we guessed the letters of our names. "No peeking!" the children giggled as we surprised them with each name.

"Can we go outside, Jennifer?" Max asked. "Yeah let's go outside!" Scarlett and Hudson agreed. So we grabbed the bucket of chalk and drew outside. Max and Scarlett drew lines while Hudson sat in the ground and drew a circle around his body. "I see my shadow!" Hudson as he drew. Then the children took turns trying to trace their shadows outside. This was such a nice way to revisit shadows together outside in the sunlight.

Then we worked with clay. Hudson and Scarlett made drum sets and Max made a violin. During lunch, we read Stars! Stars! Stars!.  As the teachers were reading Hudson shared, "Planets are in the Milky Way... A papaya looks like a moon because it is a 100 in size." We are very much looking to Hudson bringing in a papaya on Thursday for further investigation. We concluded our morning singing High Hopes as requested by Max, Hudson, and Scarlett.

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