Thursday, May 29, 2014

"What's Going On In Here?"

The Sweet Peas joined the Sunflowers and the Daisies class this morning. When the children arrived at school, they looked at Monet's paintings of flowers and then painted their own interpretation with watercolor. At Morning Meeting and we sang good morning in Spanish. We talked about graduation and did our first practice! We sang High Hopes sang for the Sunflowers and then the Daisies, and then they performed for us. Everyone did a great job and sang loudly.

Elizabeth came and the children had dance for the last time. The Sunflowers and the Sweet Peas had dance together. Next, Bunky came and worked on a collage that will be made into a mandala for the art show. Each child placed pieces of wood and natural materials on the pie slice. On another table Ms. Erica  worked with some children on painting flowers with acrylic on a large canvas. 

While playing in the doctor's office Hudson told Jenny she needed a fork to take out all the ice cream she ate. Brandon soon came up laughing and said, "What's going on in here?" Scarlett held Grandpa Barys hand as she pushed the stroller around the classroom.

Before lunch, Ava and Jake taught us how they have meeting and how they do Show and Tell. During lunch the Sweet Peas and the Sunflowers read Don't Push The Button.

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