Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"The Shadow Is Dancing. We Got To Catch Him!"

What an intriging day we had! Our morning began with French with Deborah. We sang Les Petites Poisson and she read The Three Little Bears in French. During snack, we revisited our individual "Leaf Man" collages by looking at the work we have done so far. We came to the conclusion that we want to keep working by gluing on more materials and using a brush with paint mixed with glue.  

Then the children played in the sandbox. Suddenly something happened. The children noticed light in the sandbox! Everyone got very excited. Here is what they said:

Nico: "The shadow is dancing. We got to catch him!"
Scarlett: "Leave him alone. He's okay."
Nico: "He's not okay! We got to catch him. It's a shadow. Come on! Stand in the sun. We got to catch the shadow in our mirror. I'm making light."
Brandon: points to the floor sees balls of light on the floor and says "Look guys! It 's a rainbow!"

Jamie and Lili continued to investigate by building with both wooden and translucent colored blocks. Nico and Scarlett decided to go on a bear hunt. "Hey guys! We are going on a bear hunt! We are going to pack all of our things and go on a bear hunt!"  Brandon joined them camera in hand. I noticed him taking lots of pictures throughout their adneture.

During lunch, we read Shadows and Reflections by Tana Hoban. The children looked at the images on the pages. Then we reflected on our morning and the children shared what they loved about the day:

Nico: "I love Nadia and Jenny. Shadows."
Lili: "I love Jenny. I love to eat. I like to play."
Jamie: "I play."
Scarlett; "I love French."
Harry: "I love to eat. I play with trains."
Brandon: "Trains."

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