Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"A Different Collage"

Our day began with a very engaging Morning Meeting. First, we sang Hello, Hello, Hello and How Are You? to each other on the telephone. Then Lili showed us the shells and rocks she collected by telling us, "It's my basket. I found them on the beach. It's Scarlett's turn." Lili shared with Scarlett. While Nico was looking inside Lili's basket she shared, "I saw these in Bermudas." Then we revisited the collage we made using paint mixed with glue by thinking of a name for our piece.

Jenny: "What is this?"
Nico: "A collage."
Lili: "Yeah, a different collage."
Nico: "It has lots of colors: orange, yellow, pink, and purple."
Lili: "Yeah I like pink and purple."
We came to the conclusion that we should our work "A Different Collage Pink and Purple"

During snack we called Brandon, Jamie, and Jacob on the telephone see how they are and to let them know we miss them. We hope that they feel better soon. Then it was time for French with Deborah. For project work, Harry experimented with crackling leaves onto glue. We talked more about "Leaf Man" by looking at each other's facial features to plan how we would make "Leaf Man." We read Leaf Man by Louis Elhert while the children were worked. Then they shared with us what they had made: 

Scarlett: "I'm making cheeks." 
Nico: "I'm making a chicken."
Harry: "He has a head. I made cheeks and lips."
Lili: "I like leaves. I'm making a mouth."

During Lunch we read Going On A Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury. Perhaps we will act out this story on Friday?

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