Thursday, November 7, 2013

Oh Happy Day!

Our morning began when Hudson signaled us for "clean-up time" by jingling the bells and singing It's Cle
an-up Time Everybody. During Morning Meeting, Brandon shared the Laurie Berkner video of We Are the Dinosaurs. The children held dinosaurs while they watched the children march on the screen. Hudson noticed Laurie Berkner's guitar. Then we put the song on our stereo so that we could do our own marching to the song. Next, we had Dance with Elizabeth. The children stretched, danced along with her, and giggled with her. 

We read The Leaf Man by Louis Elhert and collected leaves in front of the school. At Free Play, the children played with the magnets in the sensory table and with the babies. Scarlett painted with gourds and then did some messy finger painting. Our morning concluded with Brandon, Max, and Hudson laying on the pillows and looking up out the window to watch the leaves fall. 

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