Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Hm...I wonder...what is music?"

The children eased into their morning interacting with one another as they played  with  materials around the room. Hudson and Brandon gravitated towards the instruments that were on the rug. Scarlett made "hearts" out of Model Magic and Max was intrigued by the magnets in the sensory table.

We began our Morning Meeting singing Hello with instruments. The children greeted each other by saying "Hello" with the instrument of their choice. Max shook his Maraca and Hudson, Brandon, and Scarlett used the "bells". (cymbals) Then we had a discussion about music:

Jenny: "Hm...how did we say "hello"?
Children: "Instruments."
Jenny: "What do instruments make?"
Children: "Music."
Jenny: "Hm...I wonder...what is music?"
Hudson: hummed a song, stopped and said, "Sounds. A drum set."
Scarlett: "Instruments. A guitar."
Max: clapped his hands.
Jenny: "Wow Max! I liked how you made music by clapping your hands. I am going to make music by stomping my feet and snapping my fingers. I wonder if we can all make music together."
The children followed Jenny and we made different sounds.
Then listened two different songs one fast and one slow. The first song the children said made them feel "good". After they listened to the slower song they said they felt sad.

Next, we had a surprise event! We were invited to the Sunflowers' classroom to watch the Sunflowers and Daisies' classes act out Three Billy Goats Gruff. They acted out the story using with their shadows! We sat in the front row and watched as the children put on the performance behind a white sheet using a flashlight, their hands, and bodies. We found it to be very fascinating. 

When we returned back to the classroom we had a Free Play and then gathered on the rug for story. We read Dancing Feet by Lindsay Craig. During Goodbye Circle we sang Old McDonald Had a Band, London Bridge, and Alice the Camel. 

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